Israel Tactical Rifle

The Israeli Combat Rifle course is for both the new and experienced rifle owner who wants to add a tactical rifle into their technique.

We will cover proper stance and different grips and their pros and cons from a self-defense tactical perspective. We will cover proper loading of the weapon, charging and dealing with malfunctions. After this we will jump right into the foundations of the “Israeli Combat Shooting” style.

Taught by Nationally Certified NRA and KMA Instructors.

Learn how to:

  • Identify your Target location
  • React towards your Target (front, side, behind you)
  • Have proper Stance
  • Proper combat grip and 5-points of contact with your weapon
  • Learn Ready Position, Charge and Properly Aim your weapon.
  • Learn to properly identify gun malfunctions and how to deal with each type.
  • Learn to change magazines quickly and properly.

Learn how to:

  • Shooting standing
  • Shooting kneeling
  • Shooting from your butt, back and side
  • Changing magazines while performing drills
  • Shooting while walking
  • And much much more…..

Our students range from the person who has never held a gun, to someone that has shooting experience, to the professionally well trained. Our technique is easy to learn, proven effective by the Israeli Defense Forces and will make you a better shooter. Students new to guns usually feel very comfortable around their weapons by the time they leave the class. Our goal with this course is to teach our students to be comfortable, understand safely and be trained in the unfortunate event that they do have to pull or use their weapon. We believe that it is your responsibility to be trained to understand the law and how use to your weapon.
  • Proven Technique:
    • The Israeli model is a constantly evolving model that adapts to changes in the threat model. The Israeli’s are masters in self-defense and anti-terrorism techniques, both with weapons and with hand-to-hand combat.
  • It’s Easy to Learn:
    • Our method is easy for anyone to learn and easy to remember especially under pressure of a threat!
From the experienced, to the newbie, the young and the old; Our students leave this class feeling more confident. Call us today at 305 599-3649

Our instructors are certified in NRA Rifle and Pistol instructors and Israeli Tactical Rifle instructor.