Welcome to Anta’s Krav Maga Kids – Empowering Tomorrow’s Protectors!

Our Krav Maga Kids classes are not just about self-defense; they’re a comprehensive solution to equip your child with the skills and confidence to stand up against bullies and potential threats. Led by Head Instructor Julio Anta, a certified Expert Level Krav Maga instructor under the Krav Maga Association, our program is designed to instill discipline, respect, and self-confidence in every child.

Why Choose Anta’s Krav Maga Kids?

  • Certified Excellence: Julio Anta is not only a certified Krav Maga instructor but also holds a specialized certification as a children’s Krav Maga instructor, adhering to the curriculum of the Krav Maga Association.
  • Belt System Motivation: Our Krav Maga Kids program boasts a belt system that motivates children to set goals and strive for the coveted Jr. Black Belt. It’s more than self-defense; it’s a journey of personal achievement.
  • Ultimate Shape: Krav Maga is renowned for its effectiveness in tactical self-defense, and our program ensures your child not only learns to protect themselves but also gets into their ultimate shape. Fitness meets empowerment!
  • Safe, Fun Environment: We recreate the safe and fun environment in which children in Israel are taught Krav Maga. Learning this fighting system becomes an engaging experience, fostering a love for the discipline.

The Best Gift for Your Child: Self-Defense and More!

At Anta’s Fitness and Self-Defense, we believe that the best gift you can give your child is the ability to defend themselves with confidence and skill. Our Krav Maga Kids program goes beyond physical techniques; it instills discipline, respect, and the ability to navigate challenges, empowering your child to face the world with self-assurance.

Give your child the gift of self-defense. Call Anta’s Fitness and Self-Defense today at 305-599-3649. Let’s build a foundation of strength, resilience, and confidence together – because every child deserves to feel safe and empowered.