Real Estate Safety Course

Is a Sale Worth Risking your Life?
Our Mission is to Keep Real Estate Agents Safe

Anta’s Realtor Safety program teaches Real-Estate Agents situational awareness, common sense and basic tactical self defense to dramatically reduce their odds of becoming a victim of violent crime. Showing real estate to prospective buyers and tenants who are strangers to the agents, puts you in great risk of becoming victims of violent crimes.

Your life is more important than any sale! Our course will educate you on how to be safe when conducting normal business activities such as showing houses to new prospects and holding open houses, and will discuss security and safety issues at showings and open houses.

The workshop includes anti-abduction techniques and ways to augment survival if abducted.

Violence is a Problem

Violence is a problem in the Real Estate field. Real Estate agents are often robbed, beaten, kidnapped and sometimes even killed while showing a house for sale. A few years ago a criminal on probation killed Real Estate agent Beverly Carter. Carter vanished when she went to show a house. She was later found in a shallow grave duct taped. The criminals response to why he did it was “She was a rich broker”.

Let us show you how not to become a victim of crime when you show a home to a potential client.

This educational safety workshop combines audience participation, demonstration, plus crime-prevention and easy self defense techniques. Never let your guard down! Use common sense when dealing with clients you do not know, and practice safety at all times.

What Should you Expect in this Course

Some of the subjects covered are:
1. Office polices and procedures for safety
2. Procedure for meeting prospects the first time
3. Safe Open House procedures
4. Entering Property and showing property tips
5. Situational Awareness
6. Escape To Gain Safety (self defense strategy)
7. Survive common attacks

Instructors Tactical Background

Anta’s Real Estate Safety Course Combines Julio Anta’s experience as a Law Enforcement Officer, Military training, Israeli Self Defense and Counter Terrorism from Krav Maga.

Julio Anta’s tactical training background:

1. Retired Corrections Officer
2. Honorably Discharged U.S. Marine Corps Reserves Sergeant
3. Krav Maga Instructor Expert Level
4. Haganah F.I.G.H.T Instructor
5. Concealed Weapons Pistol Instructor
6. Israeli Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Ins
7. Israeli Counter Terrorism
8. Active Shooter Response Instructor
9. Israeli Combat Shooting Instructor

Learn How to be Safe in Only 3 Hours

This 3 hour course will show you policies and techniques to keep you safe and can save your life. We can do do this training at your location or ours.

Please feel free to contact me to schedule your training at 305 599-3649 or e-mail us at